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Power Devices 101

Alithia makes field-effect transistors (FETs) that act as switches inside complex power electronic systems. Alithia’s power devices are made up of 3 different component layers:

1 Substrate (foundation of the device)
2 Drift layer (responsible for blocking > 1,000 volts)
3 Field Management layer (mitigates the huge electric fields and forces that occur at the surface and critical boundary layers)

Because power devices manipulate and maintain kilowatts of power, the device needs to be made robust and capable of surviving these conditions. Alithia uses only the highest quality materials for each segment of the device architecture to ensure the final device stands up to the toughest tests.

Transistor fundamentals

High quality components

Power device performance and lifetime are the sum of the components of each layer. Alithia only uses the best materials for each layer, yielding a higher-quality, longer-lasting product.


• Lowest dislocation density on the market
• Low cost

Drift Layer

• Low impurities 
• High electron mobilities

Field Mgmt Layer

• Low impurities
• Precision dopant levels and profiles
• Precision shaping

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