the future of high voltage

vertiGAN™: The Core Advantage

The core advantage of vertiGAN™ is its extremely low on-resistance AND high voltage capabilities. Before vertiGaN™, GaN-based electronics were only able to address applications at 650V and lower. And although the products made with lateral structures are quite impressive, the largest market for power electronics is >> 650V. Thanks to vertiGAN™, power electronics design engineers can design for applications in 1200 V and beyond with industry-leading efficiency, size, and cost.

Moving beyond 650V

The high-power market is moving well beyond 650 V. With electric vehicles converting to battery nodes above 800 V, the future is a race to higher and higher voltages depending on the amount of total power needed. In fact, higher voltages are where vertiGAN’s value increases. The future of electrification is all-electric trains, long-haul trucks, airplanes, ships, and the grid. vertiGaN™ is a potential flagship for all these burgeoning markets.

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