Welcome To Alithia Power

Close your eyes. Imagine a world where electric vehicles cost less and are more convenient. Truck drivers traverse the US in state-of-the-art long haul vehicles, bringing products to each other with a zero carbon footprint. 

A world where our need for data is less harmful to the environment. Imagine a world with a technology that could save up to 500M tons of CO2 pollution per year. Provide cheaper renewable energy with a safer and more robust way to provide electricity to the world.

Open your eyes……Welcome to Alithia.

the story

Who are we?

Alithia Power inc. (API) is a seed-stage company in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Founded in January of 2023, API aims to be a high-volume manufacturer of vertical GaN power electronics for segments of the electrification market like electric vehicles, industrial motors, data rooms, renewable energy, and the SMART grid. Our products are branded as vertiGANTM.

the next chapter

The future of power electronics

What is a power electronic device? It’s exactly what it says. It is a semiconductor chip that controls high-voltage, high-power electricity. In this case, it is hundreds of amps and thousands of volts. Though relatively unnoticed it has a presence everywhere in our daily lives. Now, thanks to the electrification revolution, power electronics are taking center stage because current devices are not suitable for the needs of this explosively growing market. Vertical GaN power electronics are a huge improvement to every single aspect of the power device and Alithia will be producing these devices in large volume in the near future. With the transformative properties of vertiGANTM, Alithia is the future of power.

the next industrial revolutioN

Invent the Future

The next industrial revolution is beginning. The future will present many new exciting and impactful innovations. Alithia’s mission is to facilitate as much of that revolution as possible by offering products that are not just an incremental change to the status quo. The products from Alithia represent a > 10-fold improvement to Silicon and SiC. The design engineers at the forefront of the electrification revolution will have a full suite of vertical GaN products to choose from. The future of electrification begins with the fundamentals. Alithia is inventing the future by inventing a new baseline material.

Transportation 2.0

The greatest inventions lie ahead of us.

Turning away from combustion and moving to electricity is requiring us to transform a century-old paradigm. The shear scope of the work to be done is both exciting and daunting. Given the myriad of opportunities, Alithia wants to help re-invent transportation. Applications like long-haul trucking, commuter trains, freight trains, naval ships, aircraft, etc. All these applications will move to higher and higher voltages because of their power-hungry needs, and by doing so, they will greatly increase the value they receive from vertiGANTM.  Want to read more?