Why vertiGan™?

Our technology will help power our world with electricity instead of fossil fuels 

what’s holding us back

40-year old technology can not move us forward

The next 20-30 years will be built with some of the most exciting and innovative technologies mankind has ever seen. Solar farms, wind farms, electric vehicles, server farms, industrial motors, and much more are just the beginning of that revolution. But, like all new things, there are substantial challenges hindering this change. The current infrastructure of our electricity ecosystem is using inadequate components based upon 40-year old technology 

Our existing infrastructure

Silicon got us Here

Our current electrical infrastructure is built with mechanical devices and Si-based power electronics. Silicon has enabled the world to advance on so many levels, from the modern transistor, to the computer, smart phones and so much more. Silicon has been the single most important element in modernizing our society.

can’t get there from here

But Silicon has hit a wall

But Silicon is inefficient at managing the high powers used in most of the segments within electrification. Since there were no other semiconductors available to use, engineers had to find exotic ways to coax the performance they needed out of Silicon. The baseline Silicon device used today was first invented in 1979. The world needs a new material to help us reach the innovations of tomorrow.



GaN is a wide bandgap semiconductor that is tailor-made for high-power electronics. As you can see in this table comparing GaN vs the competition, GaN is a more than 100x improvement compared to Si, and a >5x solution compared to SiC. With the growing need for more-efficient, higher–power, and more compact power electronics, GaN is THE choice for the electrification revolution.

Figures of Merit What does it mean   Si    SiC vertiGan™
Baliga Less resistance during use 1 200 1400 ✅
Switching losses Better efficiency when switching 1 30 140 ✅
Power Density and speed More power per area 1 250 1050 ✅
Chip size Smaller, more affordable chips 1 70% smaller 92% smaller ✅

* all scores relative to Silicon / larger scores are better

THE what


vertiGan™ is the first pure-play GaN solution for high-power electronics. Using the Pure3™ manufacturing solution, vertiGan™ is a vertically integrated GaN solution that is faster, smaller, lighter, and cheaper than both Silicon and SiC products

up to


Faster Switching

up to


Higher Power Density

up to


smaller & lighter

up to


Lower Cost


Pure3™  is the platform used to make all the products of Alithia. Our main product, vertiGan™, is built on this platform. Pure3™ is made up of three components: Pure design, Pure materials, and Pure Play manufacturing. First, Alithia uses only the purest forms of GaN to ensure the final device is of the highest quality. Second, we use manufacturing methods that are more efficient and cost-effective than our competition, creating products with the lowest cost. Thirdly, we employ simple/pure device designs that offer the benefits of less processing, better performance, long-term reliability, and lower cost.


Pure Design

Higher performing designs*
Simpler fabrication
• Lower cost


Pure Materials

75% reduction in costs
3x faster production


Pure Manufacturing

100x fewer defects than other vertical GaN competitors
• Our GaN cost >25% less

What makes vertiGAN™ so great?